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  1. $150 Enrollment Fee
  2. Course Hours: Mon – Fri 11AM-8PM (hours dependent on the day)
  3. Courses are reservation-based.
  4. Class cancellations must be made up to 2 days in advance. Previous-day and day-of cancellations will result in class hours still counting towards total course hours.
  5. Those who wish to enroll are required to submit this application form, with desired course(s) checked, to the course(s) instructor.
  6. Refunds will not be distributed to those who change course(s) after the completion and submission of the application form or because of the student’s inability to complete his/her course hours.
  7. Please complete enrollment and course payments before the enrolled course(s) begin.
  8. Please abide by the course hours and complete the courses within the instructed time frames.
  9. On days of classes, if a late notice is not given even after 15 minutes since the start time, it will be considered to be a cancellation.

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