Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.

About Course Hours.

A 1.

Course hours are appointment-based. Students are able to choose their course times in the Monday-to-Friday, afternoon-to-evening window.

Q 2.

How many students are there per course?

A 2.

Classes are designed to have fewer students, thus allowing for students to study at their own pace to get the most out of their instruction. There are also courses that are taught directly by the principal.

Q 3.

Following course completion: certifications and completion awards.

A 3.

Upon the completion any course, a certification of completion will be awarded on behalf of Marie Beauty College Los Angeles. Additionally, the completion of CalGel courses will grant students an acknowledgement of completion with a universally acknowledged diploma.

Q 4.

On job-hunting support.

A 4.

For those interested in a professional career, our company can introduce potential employers. For those who fulfill the requirements, employment at Marie Nails is possible.

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