Q & A

Q 1.

Can I get a license to work in Hawaii?

A 1.

You are licensed to Hawaii and can work if you obtain a working visa.

Q 2.

Is the class in English?

A 2.

Yes, the instructors are basically American, so they are in English. But there are also Japanese instructors, so you can take supplementary lessons. The Hawaii license exams are all in English, so those of you who are not confident are in parallel with the language school.

Q 3.

Can I decide on the exam date?

A 3.

For the first time, the Hawaii license test will be made three times a year, at the end of January, in early May and early October. After applying for an exam, the necessary qualification documents will be submitted and the DCCA will be sent from the Hawaii Test Center. Since the first Test day is listed, we will confirm the test date on the Web site of Dcca. It is possible to change the test date next time if it is inconvenient by all means. In any case, after applying for an exam, you will be sent an examination permit.

Q 4.

Do you have a job support after graduation and getting a license?

A 4.

Yes. We can help you find employment in all States of America. We will introduce you to a company that supports working visa. However, depending on the time and conditions, there is a case that cannot be introduced. It is not a promise that you can find a job.

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