■ Course *
*Enrollment fee ¥ 30,000 (for all courses)
*All course prices exclude tax


Standard Course(¥204,000)
Expert Course(¥420,000)
Professional Course(¥854,000)
Gel Master Course(¥342,000)


Nail Care Course(¥60,000)
Nail Art Course (Flat)(¥20,000)
Nail Art Course (3D)(¥20,000)
Sculpture Course(¥124,000)
Foot Care Course(¥20,000)
Machine Course(¥20,000)


Gel Basic Course + Machine(¥60,000)
Gel Art Course(¥30,000)
Gel Extension Course(¥30,000)


JNEC Level 3 course(¥40,000)
JNEC Level 2 course(¥64,000)
JNEC Level 1 course(¥144,000)
JNA Gel Beginner Course(¥30,000)
JNA Gel Intermediate Course(¥96,000)
JNA Advanced Course(¥96,000)


Basic Follow Up Course 2h(¥6,000)
Basic Follow Up Course 10h(¥27,000)
Basic Follow Up Course 20h(¥54,000)
Gel Follow Up Course 2h(¥6,000)
Gel Follow Up Course 10h(¥27,000)
Gel Follow Up Course 20h(¥54,000)

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  1. Enrollment fee ¥ 30,000
  2. Class hours Mon-Fri 11 AM-8PM (varies by day)
  3. Classes must be booked only.
  4. Please contact us at least 2 days before you cancel. Please note that if you cancel the day before or on the day, the number of hours will be counted.
  5. If you want to enroll, please check the course you want in the application and submit it to your instructor.
  6. Please note that no refunds will be accepted if the course cannot be changed within the end of the course or after the application is accepted.
  7. Please pay the admission fee and tuition fee before the start of the class.
  8. Please follow the specified number of hours for each course and complete it within the deadline.
  9. On the day of the lesson, if there is no communication after 15 minutes after the class start time, it will be canceled.

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