Founded by Marie Nails, MARIE BEAUTY COLLEGE now provides the education and discipline for future world class nail specialists.
MARIE BEAUTY COLLEGE has produced many manicurists since its opening.

Our school is staffed by JNA Headquarter Certified Instructors, so you can take our certified curriculum with confidence.

Our school offers a variety of courses to meet different needs and objectives.

The curriculum is designed to be easy to learn, even for complete beginners. Classes are held by appointment only, and each student is given individual instruction based on his or her weak points.

There are also students who have studied at other schools to improve their skills.

The Iwaki School is accredited by the Japan Nailist Association (JNA).
The school is accredited by the Japan Nailist Association (JNA).

The Japan Manicurists Association was founded in 1985 with the aim of developing a healthy nail industry in Japan. In addition, through nail training and qualification, we worked to spread nails and improve the skills of manicurists. In April 2006, based on our 20-year history, we decided to use “NPOs (NPOs). The Japan Manicurists Association has a new start.

A JNA accredited school is an educational facility that cultivates professional nailists with advanced knowledge and skills that meet the essential conditions such as facilities, curriculum, educators, and academic rules set by the Japan Manicurists Association as a facility for educating nails.  The Japan Manicurists Association aims to disseminate nail education that is more trusted by society by certifying those schools that want to become manicurists to receive the correct education.

Preferential qualification test
You can take the JNA Gel Nail Skill Test (beginner to advanced) and the Foot Care Theory Test at your own school (Marie Beauty College)!

* If you take the required curriculum at our school, you can take the JNA-sponsored gel test at our school in addition to the official one.
Even if you do not go outside the prefecture with the model, you can take the test in the environment you are used to, so you do not have to worry about having such thoughts as "I was nervous and could not demonstrate my usual strength".
Apart from the official exams in June and December, you can hold the exams at any time depending on the number of seats, so you can take the exams at your own time!!
For beginners, "practical skills" are exempted from taking the required curriculum at our school, and only "writing exams" are taken.

Seminar attendance discount
Course fees for seminars and other events hosted by JNA are discounted.

Discount for participating in the competition
There will be a discount on entry fees for the competition "All Japan Manicurist Championship" that competes in nail technology.

Exemption of enrollment fee
JNA Individual Regular Members are exempted from enrollment fees. Become a member and receive various benefits.

In addition to JNA certified instructors, our school also offers educators for each brand, so we hold seminars in addition to certification tests. If you are interested in improving your skills or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact your instructor.

・ Foot care theory test
・ Hygiene manager

Softgel was first introduced in Japan in 2002. You can learn products, correct knowledge and treatment methods.

SpaLuce / Spa Luce
This is a weak acidic cosmetics series developed by Naomi Hagiwara, an instructor of the Honorary Headquarters, who has over 30 years of experience as an esthetician and nailist. In addition to deeper information on products and knowledge including counseling points to enhance salon work, you can learn nail care, hand & foot spa practical techniques.

FantasyNail / Fantasy nail
You will learn product knowledge, various techniques of acrylic sculpture, embossed art using color powder, and acrylic paint.

* In addition to the above, various seminars will be held at this school.
Students are given priority notices.

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