Q & A

Q 1.

Please tell us the start date and time.

A 1.

The school is open in the morning, afternoon and evening.
The school schedule is announced every month, so you can take the course at your own time.

Q 2.

Please tell us about the number of students in the class.

A 2.

This is a small class with less than 5 students per instructor. Classes will never be over crowded because we have a reservation system. (Depending on the reservation situation, it may be one-on-one)
There is an individual medical record for each student, and he / she is instructed by grasping the technical level and progress. We are conducting classes to expand our specialty fields and overcome areas of weakness!
Even beginners can proceed while consulting on how to learn, so don't worry.

Q 3.

Tell me about your instructor.

A 3.

There are two certified lecturers and one certified lecturer at the headquarters of the Japan Manicurists Association who have experience in examinations and audits in the certification test. They will help prepare you for your exam and ensure to easily aim for a pass.
In addition, we also hold other qualifications (hygiene supervisor instructor, technical manager, calgel educator, Spa Luce master educator ...), so you can also attend each brand seminar it! !

Q 4.

Please tell me about the certification measures.

A 4.

With the curriculum corresponding to the JNEC manicurist proficiency test and JNA gel nail proficiency test, we provide advice on the points and points of caution along with demonstrations.
Before the certification test, you can perform a mock test in the same flow as the actual certification test, so you can review the points of improvement to pass.
In addition, explanations such as preparation of tools, manners of practice, practical skills, precautions for models, precautions at the venue and past examples are also grasped and precautions are taken to prepare for the actual production.
The instructor checks the model's nail condition, belongings and tools the day before and a few days before the test.
After the test, the instructor will report the technical content of the day, and the instructor will check the content and provide guidance for the future.

Q 5.

Please tell me about self-study in the school.

A 5.

You can use the classroom free of charge outside of class. (Reservation required.)
For students who can't practice at home because of the smell, dirt and concentration in the home environment, our classrooms are open for use on a reservation basis.

 If you have any other questions, please contact us using the form below.