School tour / school explanation

At this school, the flow from admission to graduation and what course should I take? In order to be able to explain to you individually about the payment method etc., we have made a complete reservation system. (Time is about 1 hour)
School visits are always held on the school opening day, so please contact us if you wish.

Submit application form

Please fill in the necessary information and bring it to our school.

Payment of tuition

After accepting the application form, you can choose your enrollment fee and tuition from the following methods and pay. You can submit your application and pay the same day.

[ Cash / Credit card / Education loan ]

* If you choose an education loan, there will be a loan contract examination, so it will take about 30 to 40 minutes. 

Book a lesson

From the date of payment confirmation, you can reserve the first day of attendance.


Start the lesson! Let's enjoy learning nail knowledge and skills!


We have three payment methods to choose from.


You will be required to pay the required course fee in one charge.

credit card

You will be required to pay the required course fee in one charge, but you can contact the card company to change the number of payments yourself.

Education loan

You can pay the course fee you want at a credit company affiliated with our school.
You can choose the number of times and pay by split.
(The number of divisions is from 3 to 60 times)

* You can complete the contract and check it on the spot. Payment will be completed as soon as the screening is completed. (Please allow about 30-40 minutes for the examination time)